Together, we can make sourcing better.



Learn about vertical markets by speaking with other buyers directly and by looking at prior RFPs. Check out vendors: what jobs they have done previously, and how buyers rate them.



Addressing vendor concerns about process and time brings more of them to bid, including small and medium-sized businesses and those owned by members of disadvantaged groups.



An intuitive, simple user experience makes it easy for anyone to use Edgeworth Box. It is even easy to purchase collaboratively with others who want to buy when you do.

Buyers Help Each Other Research the Market, Producing Unbiased RFPs


Buyers consult category-specific RFP database to investigate markets and develop their own RFPs.


Buyers communicate with other buyers to garner market intelligence.


Vendor profile pages contain ratings and other information about capabilities.


Buyers can find pre-flagged and under-represented businesses.


Buyers transmit all RFP information to suppliers directly and post to site.


Automation of RFP cycle.

We Are Looking for Anchor Tenants to Start Category-Specific Markets


Find the first buyer for a marketplace focused on a particular category like "Office Furniture"


Recruit other buyers and vendors interested in the category


Work with customers directly on driving transaction volume

We give SaaS fee credits to members who recruit other buyers and suppliers

Available Services

Access and Transactions

Buyer users access the full intelligence of the platform and use it to execute RFP cycles.

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Less than $1 million in revenue

$1,000/month or $10,000/year upfront


Between $1 million and $20 million in revenue

$3,000/month or $30,000/year upfront


More than $20 million in revenue

$5,000/month or $50,000/year upfront